According to the《The departments in Shanxi Province、Of poverty alleviation and development office of Shanxi Province to accelerate the determine the municipal investment and financing main body of the notice》(Jin farmers【2016】6Number)Requirements,The municipal government2Month25Daily office meeting,Datong in poverty alleviation and development investment co., LTD2016Years4Month to form。The company has integrated department、Finance department、The investment department and project department。Staffing15Name。

      The company is a municipal state-owned public welfare enterprises,The registered capital17066Ten thousand yuan,Leadership and leadership by the municipal finance bureau jointly with the municipal office of organizing management,With integrated department、Financial department、Investment and financing department,Project management department。Staffing15Name。

Department The phone
Zong    Close   Department:6242874
Finance department:6242878
In harmony   Information department:6242877
Project management department:6242874